Carowinds North Caroline Amusement Park

A mecca of family fun, this 105-acre theme/water park features rides that thrill and live entertainment.

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Camaguey,	Cuba

The Spanish colonizers followed medieval European influences in terms of urban layout and traditional construction techniques brought to the Americas by their masons and construction masters.…

Camaguey, Camaguey
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Ghadames,	Libya

  • Cornelius Barbus, the proconsul of Africa, submitted the Ghadames stronghold after his victories over the African tribes of the Garamantes in 19 B.C. The entire Fezzan territory became the…

Gadamis, Ghadamis
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Lake Winnie Georgia Amusement Park

Monday Fundays
On Mondays, June 5th through July 31st, A parent (21 & Older) gets in free with 2 children (16 and under) paying full price. Sponsored by US101 & EPB Fiber Optics. 


Rossville, Georgia
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